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About Janet Hill - Professional Profile

Since childhood, I have been interested in healing and teaching. For more than 30 years I have been passionate about working with people, helping them to make changes in their lives.

My therapeutic focus combines practical problem solving skills with discovering how your healthy, emotional skill development was stalled or stopped. Relearning these skills involves training both your body and your mind. Using new body skills and new cognitive skills together allows life changes to unfold.

As education is a life-long goal, I also completed a program of study in Bodynamics. This elegant therapy encompasses issues of human development and trauma resolution and focuses on how these processes become embedded in the body. As a member of the Bodynamics community, I participate regularly in personal therapy, a peer study group and professional supervision.

I am certified with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. This membership is voluntary and shows that I have met the standards for education, professional competence and ethical conduct.

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 Author of: Broken Threads - a liberating way to understand and heal mental illness.
The hurts of life tear holes in everyone. Drawn into these wounded places, any one of us may become lost in distorted reality, strange lands. We may be lost for minutes, days or years. Here, the reader discovers how to recognize his or her wounded places, explores skills to avoid falling into them, learns ways to construct safety nets and finds concrete maps to guide the return to sanity.
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